Saturday, 2 July 2011

Kenny Roy Workflow Lecture - Part III

Hey Everybody!

This is the review of the third part of Kenny Roy's Workflow Lecture! You can get thw whole 3 part - lecture on

by subscribing to the website! I made it few days ago and I totally recommend it! You get great lectures, articles, rigs,
and you also have the chance to actually get the Maya files of the shot animated by Kenny!
This is absolutely great because you can see how a PROFESSIONAL scene should look like and this is just awesome! And you can actually
practice on Kenny's scene so that if you want to practice some Polish, you can start from the Blocking Plus stage that Kenny
animated! I never had the chance to do this before!

The last part of the lecture starts with Kenny telling you how important is for you to have GREAT fundamentals. You have to
practice a lot on fundamentals so that when you work on your shots you know how to deal with them.
This is why they stress you so much on FUNDAMENTALS in Animation Mentor!
If you've practiced a lot with let's say Overlaps, you're going to make your overlaps in no time when working! So practice fundamentals
everytime you have the the chance! Maybe sometimes try to practice on small details, don't always practice on complete shots.

After this, Kenny reviews all the steps that took him to final stage which is POLISH. Again, if you clearly know what you've done and you're
following the "path" (your workflow) you won't have any problem finishing the shot!

In Polish stage you have to start with a new mindset and here, more than ever, is very important to consider this because during
polishing you "LOCK" your scene. You start adding details, finessing and texture and so it's very very hard to go back and fix
issues of previous stages.
So be sure to have you blocking plus approved and also don't start polishing too early!!

USE WHAT YOU GOT: In this stage you see Kenny adding all the details, refining arcs and silhouette and it is great to see how he faces several problems. Sometimes you'll have to work with poor rigs but you have to take the best out of your rig to achieve the best
in term of posing. So use everything the rig gives you to make great poses!

PERFORMANCE TEXTURE: This is a great stage to see because he starts adding tiny details on the poses that enhance the whole performance!
He tells you how to add tiny NOISE to create natural and organic poses! And those are the little things that really make your character

FINESSING AND CONTACTS: this is what he calls "the last 5%". In this stage he works out all the contacts of the body and feet, he double
checks arcs and silhouettes and try to spot twinned poses. Twinning is one thing you should avoid in animation because it makes your character
look very mechanical. Sometimes a little delay or a tiny rotation can make a big difference so double check your poses and try to avoid twinned ones!

This is the end of the last part! I really enjoyed this lecture because I finally realized how important is for you to know your workflow
and how it can affect the final result of your animation. I learned that a good workflow lets you save tons of time and remember that on your
job you have to be FAST! Working without a method, making fixes on the fly, spotting mistakes here and there is DANGEROUS and TIME CONSUMING!

Once again I totally recommend it to you guys and I'd like to Thank Kenny Roy for doing this lecture! It's a great resource and a MUST-HAVE
for every animator! I just can't wait to watch other videos and learn as much as I can!

Hope this helped , happy animating to everyone!!!

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